Why Landing Pages are Your Key to Success with PPC

Marketing is always a costly affair, but generally, that cost doesn’t hurt because it is going to generate revenue for you in the immediate future. However, these marketing costs really get steep when you are advertising through PPCs as every click has a price. In today’s highly competitive world, getting a good ROI through your PPC campaign is in itself a big challenge unless you are having an expert PPC consultant or agency handle your PPC campaign management.  If your PPC campaigns are incurring clicks and yet the results are not coming in your favor then there is no reason for you to not analyze the effectiveness of your landing pages.

Marketing Sherpa’s Landing Page Handbook estimates that nearly 44% clicks from B2B companies are directed to their website’s home page and not towards as effective landing page which could help in gathering more information about the searcher or further the engagement. Apart from having a custom designed landing page, optimizing it for a great user experience is also equally important. A landing page which is directing the customers to various other things or not giving straightforward CTA can be very bad for your marketing objectives. It is also observed that only top 20% marketers keep their landing pages free navigation bars to avoid distraction. Once the customer has reached your landing page, all efforts should be made to convince the customer to make objective oriented decisions and not encourage them to wander here and there. A good landing page is a valuable asset and it can help your PPC campaigns in a great way. Some of the biggest advantages of having a great landing page are:

Higher Conversion Rate: A great landing page is highly result oriented. It should always be designed in a way that the visitor is directed towards the main objective without any confusion or diversions. The landing pages are reached once the visitor has already read or researched about your products or service and they are now ready to take the plunge and hence landing pages are placed to make the final offer. Give them a deal the customer cannot refuse and you will have conversions at a better rate than ever. Using correct targeting and testing methodology can give a 300% boost to your sales.

Better Collection Of User Data: Collection of user information and its analysis is also an important part of marketing research and landing pages provide you a great assistance in this. Landing pages can be integrated with analytics and metrics system so that more and more visitor information can be collected and processed. Interactively designed landing pages can be used to collect demographic information, interests of the users and other objective information so that the page can be made better and higher satisfaction rate can be achieved. The fact that only 22% marketers are happy with the result achieved from their landing pages is a live testimony that people are not making full use of the potential of their landing pages.

Lower Your Advertising Cost: Search Engines are result oriented. The better your conversion result the higher you are placed in the bids and get a better pricing for your PPC campaigns. It is important to understand that better landing pages lead to lower bounce off rates as they are highly focused. Hence, your conversion and visitor engagement gets better. This cannot be achieved with an ambiguous page or even your homepage as the visitor might get distracted due to the abundance of information or inability to locate the required information immediately. So if you want to get a more economic PPC cost, then invest your time and money in getting better landing pages as it can do the job for you.
Give Every Offer Its Dedicated Space: If you are giving an offer to your customers then make the deal visible to them exclusively. Dedicated landing pages help the customers make use of those exclusive offers and your services. It has been seen that only 48% companies use an exclusive landing page for each new offer and this is a low percentage as this helps you in cashing on the offers made by you.

Target Only The Most Specific Keywords: One very big advantage of using landing pages is that it allows you to use highly specific keywords. You can target long tail or complex keywords which are difficult to use in your other marketing content. This will also help you in getting higher ranking in organic results too.

Get Better Brand Recognition: A landing page is your dedicated space. It is a place where you can flaunt all your honors, awards, recognitions and customer testimonials so that the visitor can have a better understanding of your credibility. A landing page gives you space and time to communicate the things to the visitor which will matter the most in making the decision. This not only helps you in making the sale but also leaves a nice impression in the mind of the customer which will give your brand awareness some additional brownie points.
Landing pages play a very important role in your online marketing strategy as they are the final point of conversion stage. Yet, marketers usually misunderstand their importance and work. Using good landing pages for the success of your PPC campaign is very important and it should be incorporated carefully so that you get the best results out of your marketing efforts.


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