A Complete Guide for Your Dental Implants Treatment

A dental implant is a process of replacing your missing tooth to restore your smile and prevent the loss of jaw bone. Most people who have undergone dental implants in Penrith find that the procedure restores their facial appearance and gives back their comfortable smile.


If you are considering the dental implant procedure to replace your missing tooth, the first step is to have a consultation with your dentist about your dental condition. During the consultation, you can expect a physical examination and x-rays of your teeth and mouth, along with your medical history evaluation. This process will ensure whether you are a good candidate for dental implants in Penrith, and help your dentist in planning your dental implant procedure.


The dental implant surgery is performed depending on the condition of your jawbone, teeth, and other factors including the style of the implant. Dental implant surgeries require at least two steps, which mean that the dental implant process in Penrith takes several months. Each step will be performed with local anaesthesia or general anaesthesia, and the procedure usually takes an hour or two.

The two step Dental Implant procedure is as follows - In the first step, the gum is opened, exposing the bone. Then a titanium screw is inserted into your gum, and the screw is allowed to set for six months. This allows for osseointegration, the process by which your dental implant forms a strong bond with your bone. During the second step, the screw is uncovered, and an artificial crown or tooth is placed on the screw. Depending on the design of your implant, it may require an abutment, which is a separate device that is attached to your titanium screw and it extends beyond your gum line and is used to attach the crown.


The dental implant recovery depends on a number of factors, including the number of stages required to complete your treatment. The patients can expect some discomfort, bleeding, swelling, and bruising following each surgical stage, although these side effects are minor and will dissipate within a week. Your dentist in Penrith may prescribe pain medication to relieve your discomfort. For about a week after the dental implant procedure, your diet should be restricted to liquids and soft foods. Any stitches used during the dental implant procedure in Penrith are usually self-dissolving; if not, you need to visit your dentist for its removal.


If cared properly, the dental implants will be a permanent solution to your missing tooth. Avoid using floss or water-pick in the area of dental implant surgery for the first week. You can keep your mouth clean with the warm water rinse. After one week, brush your teeth and the healing abutments carefully with the brush provided in the implant pack. Be gentle while brushing the surgical site but don’t avoid them. It is important to floss and brush your teeth regularly and avoid smoking to prevent the implant infection or failure.


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