5 Tips To Avoid Hotel Booking Mistakes

If you are travelling in Gurgaon, you got to read this. You will find many hotels in Gurgaon near Ambience mall, of course with the help of internet you get to see decorated pictures of the hotel which sometimes turns out to be a disaster. I believe most of us have at least once made a hotel booking mistakes that have ruined the holiday mood. People who have can relate well with their experience and people who haven’t be cautious. All trips short or long, official or pleasure ends at the hotel room and trust me nobody wants to have a bad hotel experience.

However, we are all humans and bound to make mistakes. Check how you can avoid these common mistakes.

1.Check-in and checkout dates: We overlook the dates while booking the rooms, though many websites allows correcting the dates, but that depend on the availability of the room. Another common mistake is that while booking for the international destination we sometimes book the hotel in regards to local time, so many of us definitely faced this situation, we land up paying for an extra day.

2.Hotel chain with different location: When traveling we usually book a centrally located hotel that makes it easy to commute all over the place. But, the hotel chains bare the same name and location is microscopically mentioned below. Check the location before booking in order to save transport charges.

3.Reviews and fine prints: Before booking any hotel make sure you read the reviews written by other travelers to get an idea about the hotel, location, rooms, staff behavior etc.

4.Cancellation policy and other charges: Cancelling hotels are quite traumatic, as they try to waive the maximum amount. Read the deduction percentage for cancellation and their policy.

5.Accommodation rules: Many hotels strictly allow only two people per room, in case you need an extra bed, do check with the hotel management so that you do not have to hire another room. Also, check the rates for extra bed.

All hotels near NCR, do mention a lot of facilities regardless of their capacity to provide. Most of the times, it’s with the type of room and its amenities, you might get a room without amenities as per your expectation. You might find the swimming pool but without water because of the pump issues, you may have to opt for different cuisine since the particular chef is on leave and many more. You just can’t avoid these booking frustrations. Thankfully, all these frustrations are carefully dealt by The Fern Hotels, you pay for what you have opted. The hotel carefully scrutinizes your request and ensures your stay is worth your pay.


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