Know More about Various Kinds of Time Clocks Systems

In the offices time clock is been used for generations, it helps the organization to maintain a track to know for how many hours the worker should be paid. The companies which are small and consistent and have schedules which are easy to track need not want a time clock but companies which are large may use the time clock for their convenience.

Types of time clock systems:
There are various kinds of time clock cards which are used by different kinds of companies and they are explained below. Each system of time clock varies when it is compared with the other. One of the important ways in which the time clock differs is how the employees interact with it. The time cards in the beginning just punched or stamped the time into the card which was held by the worker. The clocks which are more modern use pin numbers or other methods to notice the worker to the clock.

Punch card clocks:
The card which is based on the system of time clock either punches or stamps a card with time. These clocks can be either electronic or mechanical electricity is been used in both the systems. Mechanical wheels is been used by the mechanical time clocks to track the time. The punch card clocks may be expensive when compared to other clocks but it is more durable. In the system of punch card the workers can each other’s cards and this may create a chance to fraud. If these cards have to be processed for payroll the cards should be transcribed and there is a chance for transcribing errors.

Pins and Badges:
More time clocks which are modern use badges with magnetic strips or bar codes or a pin number. The pin number is typed in to a pad, where the workers are noticed individually to the time clock. This clock then forwards the data to the computer that handles payroll. Even in this by sharing the pin numbers and share badges the employees may cause fraud but the errors which are caused due to the transcription are less likely.

Fingerprint time and attendance system:
Time clocks of Fingerprint system use fingerprints to notice the workers individually. These system usually avoid the possibility of fraud, this gadget can be expensive. Many workers may refuse this system because they consider fingerprint scans as potential or actual invasion of their privacy also treating workers with a thought that they are going to do some fraud if there is a chance is an issue which has an impact on morale.

Multi location time clocks:
The other time clocks except punch cards can be accessed in multiple locations. Through this system a worker can get in at one place and visit various places and then can clock out at the last. The phone and web based system takes this further. In this there is no time clock actually then can check in and out through online even when they are working at home.


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