How to Increase Breast Size with Breast Massage?

Are you unhappy with your breasts? You might be surprised to learn that 90 percent of women answer “yes” to this question. Most of them worry about the size and others cry over the shape.

Your breasts are the image of the defining moments in your life. Pregnancy, vital weight loss, menopause — of these factors cause the breasts to lose their cheerful upright form and blatantly sag or shrink. Surgery may be the way out, but what percentage ladies are literally brave enough to do it, particularly knowing the potential side effects?

Benefits of Breast Massage

Does the breast massage really work? It sounds strange, to say the least. Massaging breasts might seem like a fun foreplay exercise, but how can it enhance their size? Breast massage began as an ancient. While ancient ladies most likely had no plan why the massage worked, modern scientists recommend that the reason is the accumulated blood flow to the breasts that stimulates the production of hormone known as prolactin. this is the hormone our bodies produce once we are pregnant and breastfeed kids.

How will best breast massage works? This is the most important question for every woman asks when it comes to breast massage. Some sources say that it will take just a couple of days, others report that it can take months.

Tips to Increase Breasts

Before you start doing the massage, take a look at these tips that will help you get the most effect.

Start with five minutes of massage. If 5 minutes seems too much at first, you can do 2 min. Less time will not have any effect. Five minutes is about 300 rotations.

The best results are seen if you massage each breast for more than ten minutes. Massage must be done at least two times in a day. Do not skip more than one session. The more you skip, the worse the result will be.

Prolactin is more active at night, so one massage sessions must be done before going to bed. Apply cream or oil to do the massage otherwise, it may be painful.

Don not apply too much pressure on the breasts. If the massage hurts, you are not doing it a right way.

Use the palms, not the fingertips for larger surfaces do a better job draining the toxins from your system. Don not forget the area underneath your breasts and under arms. Massaging these places will facilitate better blood circulation. Always massage inwards. Don not touch your nipples while doing the massage. Use different massage techniques throughout the day.


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