What is special about custom made sherwani?

The day of the wedding is as important for the groom as it is for the bride. Yet, society lays disproportionately greater emphasis on bridal wear and bridal make up as compared to that of the groom. However, the groom has as much right as the bride to look his best on his wedding day. Keeping all the intricacies of bridal wear and matching bridal make up aside, we would here focus on groom wear.

First of all, we need to understand that the modern Indian groom loves to experiment with his looks. However, experimenting does not mean that he would lose the whole point of being a groom.

Unlike women, most men find it very difficult to select the perfect groom wear for himself. In some cases, the groom tries to match his clothing with the bridal wear. This might sound very romantic, yet something which must be avoided altogether. In an ideal situation, there should be no matching between the groom wear and the bridal wear. Both should look unique in their own ways. So, it is advisable for the groom not to have a look at the bridal wear before going shoppin.

Anyways, there are three things every groom must keep with him as a part of the groom wear.

Bandhgala jacket

The bandhgala jacket looks chic and classy. You can wear it during the day of the wedding and attend your close friends. You would find wonderful bandhgala jackets in the market. There are a few designers who bring out special collection of such jackets every year during the wedding session. You should always go for a light coloured jacket if your main groom wear for the evening is dark in colour. If that is light in colour, the jacket should be dark coloured.


The main groom wear should always be a sherwani. This is unofficially the best groom clothing in vogue today. If you are someone who finds sherwanis boring, then you must not have seen the varieties of sherwani available in the market. There are different designs and cuts of sherwanis marketed by different brands. However, it is always advisable to go for custom made sherwani instead of the readymade ones. This is because custom made sherwanis fit perfectly on the body.


Accentuate the groom wedding suit, with a turban. If you are not used to wearing turbans, you should try it out once or twice beforehand so that you can carry it out on the final day. Turbans look good and increase the sophistication of the look.


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