Pieces That Tie Together Your Living Room Furniture

Most people who purchase living room sets in Atlanta do so because a pre-made set of furniture has a sense of cohesiveness that can be hard to accomplish when decorating with individual pieces of furniture. But even complete living room sets can feel incomplete if the space around them is not properly used. Here are a few additional pieces you might want to consider purchasing in order to tie everything together so that your living room looks like it belongs in a magazine.

Area Rug

An area rug in the center of the living room can really help to give a room a nice, grounded feeling. It helps deliver the message that this particular space is a single unit used for a single purpose. Arranged properly, all of the furniture surrounding an area rug can be tied together by the rug’s presence, which is a useful trick if you want to divide a larger space into 2 separate areas.

Sofa Table

A sofa table is a piece of furniture that is often overlooked and not usually included in standard living room sets. In case you don’t know what it is, a sofa table is a tall, narrow table with a surface that is at the same level as the back of your sofa. They’re placed behind the sofa, often between the sofa and the wall, and provide a space for added decoration. It can also be useful as a “catch all” surface if the sofa and table are placed near the entryway.


Ottomans can be much more than a foot rest. They often can be used for extra storage, and large ones can even double as a coffee table. The perk of doing this is that an ottoman can be upholstered in the same material as the rest of your living room furniture, which gives a cohesive appearance to all of the furniture in the room.


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