A Perfect Guide for Energy Efficient Lighting in Commercial Buildings

Do you think your building's biggest source of electric use is partitioned away in a furnace room or HVAC area? Then, you are absolutely wrong! According to a recent report roughly 40 percent of a commercial building's annual electric cost, making interior lighting systems an obvious target for energy efficient retrofitting. A simple replacement of old-fashioned light bulb can make a huge impact on your electric bill and can reduce the cost of your lighting. By simply switching from traditional lighting systems to energy efficient lighting solutions, one can potentially save a large amount of money which you cannot imagine.

Most of the times, the installation of new, energy-efficient light fixtures can seem difficulty but in reality the process is straightforward and simple. Here we have compiled a few tips to maximize energy efficiency in your commercial premises.

Lighting System

- Avoid using incandescent light bulbs and replace them with energy star rated LED or CFL lamps. CFL’s can last 10 times longer than incandescent light bulbs and saves up to 75% of energy cost.

- Turn off lights when not in use.

- Switch to automatically turn off lighting system by installing switch plate occupancy sensors.

- Make use of free sunlight or daylight whenever possible to meet your actual needs.

- Avoid over-lighting to prevent glare and reduce the utility cost.

- Did you know installing energy rated exit signs can save up to $10 dollars per sign annually in electricity costs while preventing up to 500 pounds of greenhouse gas emissions?

Heating and Cooling Systems

- Without regular maintenance, even a new HVAC system decline in performance. Hiring a commercial electrical service in Kansas City ensures that your HVAC system is well-maintained and last years longer with minimal cost of expenditure.

- Change or replace HVAC filters regularly, especially during peak cooling or heating seasons. Dirty filters lower indoor air quality and increases utility costs.

- Depending on the season and local climate, control the amount of sunlight entering into your commercial space. Opt for "solar screens," "solar films," awnings, and more to keep your commercial space cool and ventilated.

- Maintain a comfortable temperature, humidity and air movement throughout the year by using fans. Moving air plays a major role in maintaining a comfortable humidity level.

Office Equipment

- Buy energy efficient computers, printers, copiers, refrigerators, televisions, windows, thermostats, ceiling fans and other HVAC equipment for your small business.

- Save enormous amount of energy wasted by turning off the machines not in use.

- When the batteries are fully charged, unplug battery chargers from the socket.

- Install boilers of energy efficient models to save energy and money.

Also, talk with your commercial electrician in Kansas City to know about the recent electrical upgrades in the industry to reduce a large amount of money spent on utility bills.


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