3 Must Visit Museums in India for every History Lover!

A rich diversified country like India, which also feels proud as being one of the most diverse heritages in the world, it is only indispensable that crucial methods have been and should be taken to preserve the past to set a glorious example for the days to come. Favorably, for the current and future generations, there are more than just a handful of museums that curate and exhibits a variety from history representing the rich heritage.

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Whichever destination of India you choose to visit, any traveler shall come across a museum displaying the golden old days of the region. And no tour in India is well attained without paying a visit to a museum of the city that reflects the culture and past of ancient India in an attractive manner. There are many famous museums in India that unwind a lots of hidden truth of a departed era.

National Museum Delhi: This is one of the most iconic museums in India and one of its kind, housing numerous artifacts ranging from the pre-historic to the modern age. In fact, not just spanning over these eras, the collection at the museum is spread over a huge number of civilizations and religions. Remarkable!

Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai: It was built to honour the visit of King George V, the Prince of Wales many years ago. With ample government and royal donation, the museum was styled as a combination of a plethora of Indian architectural styles.

Indian Museum, Kolkata: Really a jewel in the list of the most illustrious museums in India, the Indian Museum is the oldest and the largest museum in the country. The museum houses of numerous galleries in with pieces broadly classified under archaeology, anthropology, art, economic botany, zoology and geology.


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