7 Tips To Make Your Winter Boots Last Longer

A pair of good boots is mandatory for everyone to have. Some people have a favourite pair that they never throw away even if it starts to wear off with age. Throwing away a pair of boots can be avoided or at least you make them last longer if you follow some simple steps. Here are 7 tips to customize shoes and make your winter boots last longer.

1. Stay in shape

Whenever you get home and throw your boots in the closet, there is a lot of wear going on with the leather. Your boots need to stay upwards and to avoid wrinkles you can acquire a boot tree so it stands firm. If you don’t have one, you can use something else that fits snugly inside.

2. Condition your leather

All leather becomes dry and starts to wrinkle because of age and environment, unless you use leather conditioner. It works in the same way as a moisturizer cream that women use. Whenever you touch the leather and it feels hard, just grab a piece of cloth and apply some conditioner.

3. Invest in cleaning supplies for suede

Suede shoes are nice but they don’t go well with rain and snow. Waterproofing suede shoes is a good idea. Use a suede eraser and brush to remove marks and use the brush to get rid of any dirt.

4. Wipe your boots after each wear

Sounds easy at first, but every time you come home from work there is nothing better than throwing off your shoes and relax. Have a brush or a rug near where you put your shoes so that you can clean them.

5. Dry your shoes

Drying shoes is not easy; it can be done with some newspaper or products that absorb water. Another way is to keep them in a well-ventilated place so that it helps dry them. Also remember to never use hair dryers on high heat, in fact keep them away from anything that emits heat like radiators.

6. Keep boots smelling fresh

During the winter, boots are exposed to a lot of water and sweat and thus they get a bad smell fast. A way to fight this is pouring a bit of baking soda inside the boot and let it absorb moisture during the night. Before wearing them, don’t forget to clean the baking soda first.

7. Find a trusted cobbler

When the cold season ends and it’s time to switch to something more suitable for spring or summer, reward your boots with a visit to a cobbler. They can tell if a heel needs replacing, or if it needs some glue or a suture. Thus, your shoes will be like new when the winter season will come back next time.

Everyone loves the feeling of a new pair of boots in their feet, but they forget about the old ones and throw them away. If you customize your old shoes, they will last longer and feel like new boots for a long time.


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