How to Create a Free Blog on Blogspot and Make Money Online With Google

If you want to produce more profits from AdSense using your blogspot blog, you have to carry more visitors from search engines. The more search engine traffic you get the more clicks you will be able to make and the more income you will make from Ad Sense.

Unluckily, rising search traffic to any blog or website is not easy particularly if you are a beginner to SEO. You have to learn all on your own related to SEO and start implementing the effective SEO strategies to boost your organic traffic.

The only advice I can give to any beginner blogger is this: start focusing on creating content that is SEO friendly. Here are few simple tips to write SEO friendly blog posts that will help you bring more traffic to your BlogSpot blogs.

Focus on internal linking. Whenever you write new posts, link to the preceding posts. This will add to the search crawl ability. The more crawling is done on your site inside, the more search visibility your blog gets.
Don’t write further than 70 characters in your blog post titles. It will not show up in search results, so make sure to use short yet expressive headlines.
Always focus on readers first, then optimize later for search engines. Don’t use the same keywords again and again as it leads to keyword stuffing and your blog may gets penalized by doing so.
Don’t use flash rudiments on your blog as it will slow down your blog’s speed. Google gives top priority to the sites that load faster.

Focus On Getting AdSense Approval
Once you in progress creating great contents for your blog, it’s time for you to focus on getting your Google Ad Sense approval. This is the main reason why most bloggers create a free blog on BlogSpot. If you are also one in the middle of them, don’t wait for a long time.

I would advocate anyone to focus their hard work on getting AdSense approval after implementation 4 to 6 months. Because by that time, you will be able to get good quantity of traffic from search engines.

Even if you post one post a day, that would be around 100 articles in 4 months and if they are all optimized well for search engines, you will absolutely getting around 500 unique visitors. And that’s a good start to get your AdSense accepted.

Find Out Ways to Increase Your AdSense Earnings
The next thing you can do once your AdSense account gets accepted is you can figure out some proven ways to boost your earnings from AdSense. Although as a beginner, it might be a hard job for you to increase your AdSense income but overtime you will appreciate how it works well.

You can also sign up for AdSense related blogs to improve your information and place the AdSense ads on the right places to increase clicks from your blogs.

 Essential SEO Tips for Blogspot Blogs

 Give top priority to on-page SEO

If you want to boost your blog traffic on BlogSpot, you must ensure that you are doing proper on page optimization. On page SEO includes the following factors.

Using your main keywords on title tags, image alt tags internal links, subheadings such as h2, h3 and overall body content. This will make sure that your content is correctly optimized for precise keywords and you can boost its search engine visibility.

Find keywords before you write anything

Keyword research is the key issue in increasing your natural traffic. Use SEO tools like SEMrush to find out the best performing keywords in your niche.

Make sure always come up with long tail keywords to drive more traffic. For instance, “blogger” is a short tail keyword and it’s almost not possible to rank for that keyword because of high opposition.

But you can rank for long tail keywords such as “create a free blog on BlogSpot”, “start a new blog on Blogger”, “how to make a free blog” etc. These are all long tail keywords that are usually are less competitive and you can with no trouble rank for these keywords without structure too many links.

 Getting incoming links is the key to increase organic traffic

Link building is the most effective way to increase your search traffic. Although link building is hard for most beginners, try to mark guest post for other blogs in your niche to build normal links.

Also use imaginative link building strategies such as Skyscraper technique, blogger outreach etc to attract high quality links from other blogs. The more you focus on building links the more traffic you will attract from search engines as Google gives top priority to the sites that have more back links.


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