Factors to be considered for buying bridal sarees online

Fashion and beauty cast spell on any woman. It is always said that beauty is skin deep. Beauty has many dimensions and the definition of beauty has changed considerably since last 2-3 decades. Around the globe, there is a wide range of fashionable clothing and accessories for women. Weddings are there to look great. Carefully chosen clothes and accessories bring about a difference. The current trend of buying sarees online is alluring. Some important factors need to be considered while buying bridal sarees online.  Bridal saree market is one of the most expensive markets in India. The zari work on handmade bridal couture takes a lot of time and effort. One piece of bridal wear is selected after going through many others. Most of the times, women choose their bridal wear along with their family members. Now, by buying saree online one can reduce the hassle of travelling and standing for hours in a shop to get the right match. Bridal sarees make sure that the bride looks vivacious and beautiful than everybody else present in the wedding.

Indian weddings are considered auspicious. Usage of different auspicious motifs is very common on Indian bridal sarees.

These motifs include Peacock, Annapakshi, Lamps, Men and Women, Deer, Elephant, Swans etc. Some bridal sarees are designed with heavy embroidery and zari work. There are many fashion designers in India who showcase bridal couture every year and sell those bridal sarees online. Apart from bridal saree collection, a newlywed collection is also very well received by Indian women.

In the market, there are a wide variety of costumes available for a bride but saree stays on at the number one place.

Here are some tips to be considered while choosing a bridal saree

While choosing a saree, the colour of the saree must be compliant with the complexion of the bride. If the bride has a darker complexion, colours should be chosen carefully. Not all colours look good on fair skin as well. So for both types of skin tone colour of the bridal saree should be carefully chosen.

The material of the saree is crucial. The saree material should first be understood and then chosen. There is a wide variety of Kanjeevaram sarees, Paithani, Bhagalpuri Silk sarees and so on. Comfort level of the bride while wearing these sarees should be taken into consideration.

Kanjivaram Sarees give a rich look to the bride but on the other hand, they are very heavy to carry. The wedding is generally a day long affair where the bride has to carry the saree the whole day, a lightweight kanjivaram saree should be preferred in such cases. A lightweight kanjivaram saree will look grand and will be easy to carry

The fine quality of threads, good zari is generally an indication of a good bridal saree. Along with those threads, motifs are to be paid attention to.

Sarees are a lifetime investment for a bride. It is recommended to take all possible time and precautions to choose one for your D day.


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