Handcrafted Men’s Boot – A new fashion fad for men

Handcrafted boots – What is so special about them?

Handcrafted boots have become very common nowadays. This is because of the rising fashion trends that have largely created an impact on the market. However, as far as handcrafted boots are concerned, most of us would like to know more as this style statement is not generally used by all and sundry.  Once you are interested to wear such custom made men’s boots, it is important for you to know that, what is so special about it?

As far as handcrafted boots are concerned these kinds of apparels have a unique design as such. Customized to fit your feet, these kinds of boots can be chosen upon based on the design, make of the boot as well as the raw material. At the same time, you can assemble the sole as well as look into other details like leather quality etc in order to make a choice.

Who makes the customized boots as such?

Many people when told about the concepts had agreed to buy the shoes, but hardly do they know about the makers of such custom made shoes. Many of the manufacturers, who prepare sports style urban shoes, basically make them as per order and related specifications. These shoes are usually made to order, i.e. prepared on absolute customization to fit in your feet size as well. These kinds of shoes use the finest quality materials and are built through a perfect workmanship at the end of the day. Designs are based on your choice, and this carries forward the goodwill of the brand from whom the shoes are generally purchased.

Most of the classy brands, who manufacture custom made boots, take care of a classic fit. But this is possible only when you confirm the style and design along with the fitting size that they shall freeze while preparing the final item.

How are such a shoe produced or made?

As far as the urban style shoes go, these types of shoes are made to order in advance. The feet of the client are measured perfectly in order to prepare a cutting edge classy fitting. The design is confirmed from the client and made to be tried out in a dummy model. The look and feel of the custom made shoes are very important and the customer should be very happy once he starts using the item.

There are various types of designs of such custom made shoes which are available in the market. These are:

  •     Berluti
  •     Crockett & Jones
  •     John Lobb
  •     Gaziano & Girling
  •     Vass Shoes
  •     Riccardo Bestetti
  •     Antonio Meccariello
  •     Edward Green
  •     Masaru Okuyama
  •     Yohei Fukuda
  •     Hiro Yanagimachi
  •     Saint Crispin’s
  •     Veritas Bespoke


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