Women’s Scarves – A Versatile Fashion Accessory

A humble piece of fabric originally designed to be used by the Roman soldiers as a cloth to wipe the sweat off their faces; scarves have now become a fashionable accessory used by women not only in the India, but all over the world. Scarves for women in the India are the ultimate fashion accessory to spice up a plain outfit while keeping you warm in the freezing weather outside.

Scarves are a versatile accessory that can be used to up the style quotient of a plain t-shirt and jeans, amp up an ordinary looking dress or give you an elegant look when tucked into the collar of your favourite fleece coat. Scarves have been around for centuries, constantly evolving in terms of fabric and style. Sizes range from small silk luxury ladies scarves that can be tied around the neck, to long thick scarves that can be draped around your shoulders. Scarves are very adaptable, and can be worn to dressy events, as well as be used to spice up a casual outfit to give you a contemporary look. Here are some tips on how to choose a perfect scarf for your outfit and ways to drape them uniquely.

Jazz Up Your Outfits!

For livening up your everyday outfits, you can choose to wear a long thin woollen scarf over a plain long t-shirt with leggings, or tie a silk scarf around your neck to make your summer dress look more elegant. For a classy night outing, team up your favourite short sleeveless dress with a long woollen scarf draped across your shoulders.

Tons of Fabrics and Textures to Choose From!

There are so many materials and patterns of designer women’s scarves to choose form according to your taste and according to the outfit you are sporting. They range from silk, chiffon and cotton to woollen and luxurious fur scarves. The designs are various, from plain fabrics to various bold prints and flowery patterns. Woollen scarves have pretty knit patterns that can be highlighted by teaming with plain outfits in order to accentuate the patterns of the scarf.

A Million Ways to Wear It!

Whatever the season or the occasion, you can depend on this humble accessory to brighten up your look or to dress it down by giving you a modest, sophisticated look. Tie your scarf in a beautiful bow-knot to achieve a classic, enthralling look. Long designer ladies scarves can be tucked under belt, or worn around the neck loosely draped over your shoulders for a relaxed and easy going look. Make a personal statement by choosing to drape your scarf uniquely so that you can sport a different look every time with the same scarf. Play with colours that go together or experiment with colours that contrast your outfit and stand out, offering you a bold look.


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