How to Improve the Longevity of Your Wallet?

Investing in high-quality leather wallets is considered valuable. Purses are always put to considerable use in our daily life. Therefore, it is best to have a material that can last for ages. Leather wallets can easily withstand rough use, water, weight etc. and still retain their shape. No other material can match with its distinctive smell and feel. Also, leather wallets for men are comfortable to carry around in pants as they are soft to touch and lack any sharp edges. However, they are not immune to stretching and deterioration. In order to maintain your wallet in good condition, it is best to follow some practices as discussed below,

- Location

Men leather wallets are usually placed in the back of the trousers or pants. Men constantly sit on their wallets and wear down the leather. One way to avoid this is switching your wallet to the front pocket. By this way, they don’t suffer from constant friction and can last longer.

In case of women, traditionally they place their wallets inside their handbag. Though they are protected from external elements, the internal contents of the bag can scratch, stain and damage them. Therefore, they need to get a wallet that fits with the inside pockets of their handbags.

- Items stored

If you want your wallet to last longer, make sure that you don’t overstuff items into it. Most people tend to keep lumps of cash, too many payment cards, unnecessary business cards and even gift cards in their wallet. This would cause the wallet to eventually tear. Therefore, it is best to keep your wallet contents to minimum so that they can stay intact in its original form.

- Dryness

People living in extreme hot and dry climate should pay special attention to their wallets. Or else, the wallets would become dry and brittle as days pass. Hence, it is important to use leather conditioner now and then. This is specifically for men wallet as the leather is more exposed to the outer elements. Leather conditioners protect the material by reintroducing natural moisture into the layer.

- Water exposure

If you have accidently spilled water over your wallet, dry them immediately to minimise the damage. Do not use high heat or blow dryers to avoid wrinkling and shrinking. Instead, pat dry the wallet and let them sit at room temperature.

Also, clean them regularly to maintain their elegant look and prolong their lifespan.

The author has been working as product manager for a leather company for over 10 years. He writes blogs on leather bags, shoes and men leather wallets in his spare time. 


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