Trends in Cheap Womens Dresses that are ‘Hot’ this Summer!

You would believe that the words ‘fashion’ and ‘cheap’ would not come in the same sentence. But then you would be wrong! Events come and go. Trends in cheap womens dresses too! However some trends are just so practical, affordable and scandalous that they remain ‘evergreen’ carved on our mind drawing boards. We mention some of them here and some ‘haute couture’ which is new to the melting pot. Let’s begin shall we:

•  Gypsy clothes: These clothes are for those that value freedom, hippie lifestyle, an eco friendly approach and carefree attitudes. Gypsy clothes are for those that love to dance, party, fun and enjoy a totally hipster life. They like to gracefully accept whatever life throws at them. These epitomize a partly Bohemian nomadic life of not being attached to materialistic wealth and highly valuing personal space and freedom!

•   Alpaca clothing: This clothesline is famous since ancient Inca/Aztec times. Made from shearing camel-like mammals known as Alpacas, this is usually worn in winter. However, alpaca clothing can be worn in any climate as the fleece is lightweight and is suited for the extremes (extreme heat or cold). In fact, many famous brands have started using Alpaca fabric in their flagship products.

•   Trucker Jackets: This trend is for those wild adventure types. It’s for that tomboyish girl who likes to take a lot of risks and likes to live life on the edge.  Today, you don’t have to live a life of the road to satisfy this trend as it is rapidly becoming popular among city slickers too! These jackets are very versatile and help during a chilling windy day!

•   Saree: Many would say that this classic ethnic Indian wear is far away from being classified as cheap womens dresses, however you may be surprised to hear that sarees are available in affordable varieties also. You will not believe it when we say that this is the most flexible, agile and versatile dress in existence. It can be made from many fibers like silk, cotton, polyester fabric.

•  Stripes: Vertical, horizontal, crossed, you name it! Stripes are making a huge comeback nowadays. This is because stripes (which are basically on a white background) give an air of authority and cleanliness. Also, stripes give a wave-like effect to womens dresses that give a feeling of flamboyance!

As all of you can easily see, some trends are new, some are old like gypsy clothes, alpaca clothing, and some are simply evergreen like sarees, stripes! Now it’s all on you to become the next trendsetter!


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