You Can Effectively Recover Data from Raw Drive with Ease Now

Hard Drive Becomes RAW

Have you ever encountered the RAW drive problem? Below is my own experience:

Last week, I planned to transfer some precious photos from memory card to my computer hard drive. However, I could not access this drive and received a waning “You need to format the disk before you can use it”. Here, I clicked Cancel since I know formatting will erase all original data on this drive. Then, I opened Windows Disk Management and found this drive shows RAW as shown below." style="height:300px; width:350px" />

Now, what should I do? Can I get the RAW drive data back? Besides, is it possible to recover data from the RAW drive without damaging the original data? What's more, is it possible to carry out RAW drive data recovery for free?

Solutions to Recover Data from RAW Drive

After consulting with many experts, I know there are 2 common solutions which can help to recover lost data from the RAW drive. One is to turn to professional data recovery companies. Another is to ask professional data recovery software for help. Here, considering data recovery companies need high recovery fees and cannot keep data security, I prefer to choose a piece of simple yet professional data recovery software equipped with high security to complete RAW drive data recovery.

After testing several data recovery software, MiniTool Power Data Recovery is an excellent choice for us since it can help to complete RAW drive data recovery without bringing any damage to the original data.

Next, let's analyze how to use this professional tool to recover lost data.

Steps to Recover Data from RAW Drive

    Launch Power Data Recovery, and then select a suitable data recovery module in the main interface. Damaged Partition Recovery is recommended here, for this feature works with formatted, RAW, and damaged partition.
    Then, select the RAW drive and make a full scan on it.
    Finally, select all needed data after scanning, and save them in a safe place.
    When all operations are done, we have finished recovering lost data from the RAW drive without bringing any damage to the original data since Power Data Recovery is a read-only tool.


If you want to use the RAW drive again, you need to format it. You just need to open your Windows Explorer, right click the target drive you want to operate and then choose “Format…” feature from the drop-down list. Next, specify file system, allocation unit size, and volume label, and then click Start button to continue. After that, you will receive a warning that says “WARNING: Formatting will erase All data on this disk. To format the disk, click OK. To quit, click Cancel.” Here, you just need to click OK because you have recovered data from this RAW drive.


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