Safety Tips For Single Women Living Alone In Flats On Rent In Delhi

Big cities are filled with challenges especially for single women living alone in rental flats. If you are moving to Delhi for your higher studies, your biggest priority will be to find a suitable accommodation. As such there is an abundance of rental options in the city. But when it comes to living alone in a flat on rent, you need to be extra cautious of your safety.

While living alone gives you privacy it also requires you to do a bit of homework before moving in. Here are a few things you need to look into before you book a rental flat.

Study The Location Well

Location is always the biggest deciding factor while booking an accommodation. Explore the location well to see if it is safe enough for a single women to roam around in the evening. Connectivity should be smooth with multiple modes of transport at easy access. Ideally, you should look for a metro station in proximity as it is the safest means for females.

Know Your Neighbors

It does not necessarily mean that you have to be a social butterfly. Just knowing the kind of people they are will help you know if they are reliable enough. It’s good to have someone whom you can call during an emergency.

Keep Necessary Contacts Handy

Keep all essential contacts on speed dial such as that of your parents, landlord, best friend or any other acquaintances. You should be able to contact them immediately when required. Also, inform at least one person about your whereabouts so that he/she can easily reach where you need them.

Take Care Of Your Belongings

Your personal belongings such as door keys, mobile phones should have a safe place. Never keep them near windows as that will make them accessible to an outsider. If you ever need to hand over your keys to a neighbor, give it to the one who is most reliable.

Get The Repair Work Done First

Make sure all security aspects are in proper place before you move in. Get them repaired by the landlord if needed but move in only when the house is in a livable condition. No matter even if it takes times, you know you cannot compromise with your safety.

Use Curtains

Apart from privacy curtains also make you feel safe after dark when you switch on the lights. Knowing that no one will be able to peep through the windows will give you great peace of mind.


Living alone in a flat for rent in Delhi is a great decision once you know that the place is safe and convenient. You do not have to spend sleepless nights waiting for sunrise to feel safe. The above points are simple yet effective in enabling you adjust in a new city.


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