How to buy stunning African crafted bead jewelry online

African jewelry and bead work incorporates a vast range of styles, traditional and modern.The authentic African jewelry is now making its way into global markets. The problem for people trying to buy this jewelry that until recently the market has been neither efficient nor fair. That’s changing.

 The new approach to marketing African jewelry is online, and unlike previous efforts, it is making a real impact. In the past, African jewelry found its way onto the market rather erratically, to put it politely. This fabulous artwork was marketed as “antiques”, tourist fodder, curiosities, anything, in fact, but what it is – Dazzling, beautiful jewelry.

African bead jewelry is a truly ancient art form. It’s been recorded for many thousands of years by paleontologists, and is among the earliest known forms of human ornamentation. Interestingly, modern African bead jewelry and ancient bead jewelry doesn’t look very similar, but the two are definitely related. The construction and creation of bead jewelry is still done in the traditional way, but the current designs vary from traditional to quite modern.

 The good news for jewelry fans is that online marketing has broken through for African artists. This means you can access some of the most fabulous jewelry in the world online. The new marketing methodology is best exemplified by a company called Africa Direct. This is an African art specialist online store, with a huge range of different platforms, including African bead jewelry.

This store has everything. You can buy abstract stone sculptures, carvings, and explore a whole range of fabulous African art. Better still, this is authentic African art, not copies or shoddy fakes. One of the major issues for African artists, like many traditional artists, has been unscrupulous trading. These new specialist African art stores are making a big difference, helping African artists market their work around the world.


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