Honeymoon Places in India: Places Where Couples Can Have the Best Honeymoons Ever


Marriage is a very important aspect in a man’s life. It is a period where a man and woman leave their families to start a new one together. Marriage is a period in a person’s life where he follows his/her heart to be with the partner till the end. Marriage is a thing of love and affection as it takes love, affection and the willingness to leave ones parents to be with another person. Due to the importance of marriage in the lives of a couple, marriage ceremonies are organized in ways that would spark up lovely memories in the heart of the couple. Most cultures take marriage ceremonies very serious as they spend huge amount of money and time to make the day very fabulous. The build up to the day of the marriage ceremony is also not left out as various plans are made to ensure that the marriage ceremony is a successful one. After the marriage ceremony, most couples go on honeymoons to have a wonderful time together. Couples travel different countries across the globe to have their honeymoons. Among the most visited countries is India.

Honeymoon Places in India

There are very beautiful honeymoon spots in India. These spots are very romantic and would ensure that couples have a great time together. Some of these honeymoon spots include:

1.    Andaman Islands: this island is situated in the Bay of Bengal. The island was used as naval ports during the era of the British. In present time, the island is a relaxation spot where people come to have a wonderful time. It has wonderful beaches and waters that are very romantic. Couples can have their honeymoons in the island as it is very peaceful and lovely. There are also romantic hideouts where couples can play and have fun. Andaman island is very lovely and perfect for honeymoons

2.    Agra: this city is the home of the monument of love, TajMahal. Though the city has some history on love. It is also a very romantic place for couples to have their honeymoons. In fact, the city of Agra many romantic spots. Furthermore, there are many hotels and resorts for couples to lodge in and have a lovely experience. These hotels and resorts would give couples a wonderful experience as they would be treated as royalty.

3.    Srinagar: due to the fact that the city has many lakes surrounding the srinagar, it has been regarded as kashmirivenice. The city is a perfect place for couples to have their honeymoons in summer periods. The city is very romantic and lovely as it has lovely locations like flower gardens, mughal gardens, dal Lake Etc. Couples can have wonderful boat rides as they get to view the whole area.

4.    Kodaikanal: the town was created by the British because of its lovely climate. It is presently a tourist destination where people across the world visit. The town is also very beautiful as it has various romantic spots where couples can have a wonderful time together.


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