The Aura of Silver Jewelry & What Makes Silver so Special

There is an ethereal charm about silver that makes it a must have metal for every woman. Whether shimmery and shiny anklets or oxidized Silver jhumkas, womenfolk have favored silver ornaments since time immemorial. But what makes silver so special has got something to do with history and its intrinsic properties.

Silver is pretty, pristine and precious. But that’s not all that silver is about. The virtues of silver reach far and wide such as its anti-bacterial properties, its thermal conductivity which improves blood circulation, and its healing qualities etc. makes it a wonderful metal.  It’s the beauty of this remarkable metal that makes silver jewelry so popular across the world. Symbolically, silver has connections to the moon, and yin modalities of Chinese philosophy. The calming hue of silver is known to stimulate senses and tranquility, as it evokes the feelings of reflection, coolness and clarity.

A few years ago, silver jewelry was mostly worn in the form of anklets or toe-rings but now consumers are aware that silver can be adorned in other forms too. This led to a tremendous change in the world of silver jewelryas global fashion shifted to more contemporary styles. People now love to wear silver in different forms such as bracelets, anklets with multi-hued stones, earrings, necklaces etc. Not to mention consumers also love to use silver products such as crockery, boxes, idols etc. The aura of silver jewelry is hard to ignore which has led to a rise in its user base in the recent times. The popularity is justified as craftsmen and artisans invest their craft into creating wonderful filigree and eye catching silver items.

Throughout the ages, women have adorned themselves with exquisite pieces of silver to enhance their beauty and today silver jewelry has become an indispensable piece in a woman’s wardrobe. Beauty with simplicity is the rule that most women adhere to as their style mantra and what better way to follow it than welcome some gorgeous silver jewelry in your wardrobe. Preeti’s Eldorado has some wonderful stock of silver jewelry in Singapore where you can shop to your heart’s content.

Silver has multiple uses and is considered as an auspicious metal, making it perfect as a gift to friends and family. Silver jewelry and accessories make excellent gifts for any occasion so if you are looking for silver jewelry in Singapore then Preeti’s Eldorado has a mind-blowing range for you. You can also get silver earrings in Singapore here as Preeti’s products have a high-end, unique look which you can get without breaking your bank. So, relish the mystique aura of silver jewelry and get an artistic accessory from Eldorado silver.


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