Important facts about collection and storage of breast milk

When a woman’s body conceives a baby, it gradually undergoes many changes to prepare for nourishing and nurturing the baby pre- and post-birth. One of the major changes that a woman’s body undergoes is that the mammary glands, breasts, produce the nutrient rich milk for the baby to feed upon. It has been noted by the health experts and the nutritionists as well as researchers that the breast milk provides the new born child not just with nutrition but also prepare the baby to fight off the infections by providing with antibodies. Women have been trading places with men for quite a long time and walking shoulder to shoulder in various arenas outside the home grounds and it has been reported that more and more women prefer to balance their career life with their personal life.  Then how does a working woman returning to work ensure that her baby is well fed and obtains adequate breast milk in her absence too? Here comes the role of the breast milk pumps and breast milk storage bags.

Collecting and storing breast milk

First and foremost, the doctors and medical practitioners recommend to not opt for bottle-feeding before 3-4 weeks post-delivery as the baby needs the milk directly from its source, that is the mother.
Often the mothers do a common mistake in bottle feeding the baby their breast milk by allowing the baby to bottle feed only the day she returns to work. This is often difficult for the baby to comprehend. One should remember that the baby is learning and everything in its routine can be modified only by practice, and a sudden change might not be received positively by the baby. So it is suggested that the mother starts using breast pumps and storing them 1-2 weeks before she resumes her office schedule. This will allow the baby to become comfortable with the bottle feeding process and this would also ease the work of the care taker in the absence of the mother.

The breast pumps should be used on breasts that are relaxed and full. This would ease the process of milk collection. Before breast pumping, one should sterilize the pumps and bottle or collection containers.

The breast milk is recommended to store for 1hour max at room temperature (25°C), for 6 hours at air conditioned room temperature (<26°C), and 48 hours in the refrigerator.

For storing breast milk one can either use the bottles or use the breast milk storage bags. To decide the best breast milk storage bags, you can check the pre-sterilized conditions mentioned on the products, durability, seal, pump ease and ability, etc.

Since the health of the baby as well as the mother depends on the pumps and the storage products she uses, care should be taken to use the best product in the market and maintain hygienic conditions at home.


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